June 13, 2016

Curvy Con 2015 Highlights

Hey guys, this is my first ever blog post and I thought what a better topic to talk about than the Curvy Con!! With the Curvy Con 2016 just being days away, I wanted to relive some of the highlights from last year’s event. The Curvy Con was such an amazing event, for the first time in my life I was able to interact with so many plus size beauties and it felt phenomenal. Not only did I feel ultra confident, I felt inspired!!  After the event I was so full of life, I had an opportunity to bond with a good friend of mine, meet some of my favorite plus size bloggers, do a little shopping and also some style watching as well.

Being at the Curvy Con made me feel like I was literally living in a plus size blog!!! Weekly I go to my favorite blogs for style ideas, when I am feeling stressed or down and their positivity always brings me right back up, being at that event in person was just a boiling pot of positive energy and I cannot wait to experience it again this year. After the Curvy Con I thought to myself, Why don’t I start a blog of my own blog? , I thought about, I dreamt about it, it has been something I wanted to do for a while now; I even set up my own blog web page, but never posted anything. But I can now finally say a year later that I am ready to start this journey and here it goes, just like that crossing #6 off my bucket list Start a Blog! Let this adventure begin!!!

Here is what I wore to Curvy Con 2015, I wanted to have a classy look but still be comfortable. I went ahead and wore RED to make a BOLD statement, I feel a little red dress is not only classy but fun as well. I paired this swing dress with a black shrug, some wedge sandals and a sequin clutch to tie the look together.

                       Dress: (similar: Here and Here), Lace Back Shrug, Shoes: Sold Out, Clutch: Sold Out 

Curvy Con 2015:

The Curvy Scavenger Hunt
Photoboothing It!
Blogger Babes

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