July 19, 2016

Plus Size Swimsuit Lookbook 2016

Woo-Hoo, its swimsuit season!!! I just love going to the beach and spending days pool side, I also love a good bathing suit as well. In past years I was always determined to find the trendiest swimsuit available within the limited amount of options provided for plus size ladies. At times it was challenging but I am thankful that things have change and I don’t have to look so hard to find trendy, sexy and fun swimsuit options to fit my body.

This year I decided to get my feet wet a little and explore the elements of the Fatkini!!! I have always been a fan of Tankini’s so I figured let’s take things to the next level and raise the bar a bit. I decided to play around this year with my swimsuits and show a little stomach action. At first I must admit I was a little nervous to try out bikini tops, but after trying this style I really had fun with it!!! Ladies I challenge you to try something new this summer, whether that be a bikini, tankini, one-piece or even if your just going back into a bathing suit after years, get out there and embrace your body and style. 

Look 1:

I really enjoyed wearing this bikini top, I just loved how it flowed and supported my girls. I think that the pattern is so pretty and it definitely offers a pop of color with my complexion.

Swim Top: Torrid, Size 5 (Unfortunately this top sold out quickly but it may still be available in stores, however this same pattern is still available in a one-piece and the same style swim top is available in black)

Swim Skirt: SwimOutlet, Size 28W

Cover Up: This is from Torrid from a past season. (similar style: Rainbow, Size 4)

Look 2:

This bikini top is so much fun, I love the quirkiness of the banana print and the sexy lace up detailing in the front!!! I was super excited to receive this swim top from Rebdolls as it is from the E&C for Rebdolls collection. I really had fun wearing this look and the bikini top offered a lot of support. I decided to pair the top with a basic black swim skirt and to spicy things up a bit I used a lace duster as a cover up rather than a traditional cover up.

Swim Top: Rebdolls, Size 5

Swim Skirt: Swim Outlet, Size 28W

Cover Up: Torrid, Size 5

Shoes: Torrid, Size 12

Look 3:

I thought that this look was unique and way different than what I am use too. I loved this swim tank because it allowed me to have the best of both worlds!!! It is like a Tankini and a Fatkini married each other had a baby and produced this swim top!!! This top had a lot of support and it had a sporty feel to it, I paired this with board shorts which is something I never wore before and I liked them. The whole day I felt like I had an outfit on, I thought it was very comfortable and stylish.

Swim Tank: Lane Bryant, Size 28

Board Shorts: Lane Bryant, Size 26/28

Flip Flops: Havaianas, Size 11/12

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Original Wayfarer Classic

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