October 16, 2016

Transitioning a Summer Dress into Fall

Just because it’s fall that doesn’t mean you still can’t rock some of your favorite summer trends. I love Indian summer days, when the weather is warm, crisp, cool and inviting. Days like this the sun just lightly touches you but is strong enough to remind you of the bliss of summer. These days are perfect to pull out a summer dress or even shorts and wear on well into the fall. 

I thought this dress was perfect for a Fall day, the pretty flowers offer just enough color and are not too bright. I absolutely adore the mixed print on this dress, it gives me a boho chic vibe and the fluttery hem on the dress just makes me want to spin around. I paired this dress with a light shrug, some knee-high boots and grabbed my fashion back pack for a quick transitioning look. Perfect if you have yet to swap out your summer clothing or if you just want to make good use of what you already have in your closet.

Mixed Floral Challis Dress, Size: 3, Torrid
(This dress is still available online in certain sizes, as well as in stores on clearance.)

Mixed Stitched Shrug: Size 4, Torrid

(similar styles: Target & Modcloth)

Boots: Avenue, Size 12 (Past Season, Sold Out) (similar style: Avenue)

“Samantha” Fashion Backpack: Moda Luxe, Color: Denim

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