March 27, 2017

Surviving Grad School

Whether you’re working full time, part time or you’re just currently a student at the moment, Graduate School can be a challenging process that can wear on you physically, emotionally and socially!!! And did I forget to mention financially as well…  But don’t fret I have a few tips that I personally follow so that I not only survive, I thrive.

Time Management…

Personally for me making sure that I am making the best use of my time is essential. When my time is properly managed I have more time for myself, my family and my friends. In addition to getting my work done! A few ways that I achieve this is by…

  1.     Staying organized by either keeping an agenda or by utilizing the calendar in my cell phone.
  2.     Establishing attainable scheduling goals, by making sure I don’t over fill my day helps me to accomplish more.
  3.     Allocating the appropriate amount of time that I need for each task, for example not trying to complete a task that takes 30 minutes to do in 10 minutes and vice versa.

Money Management…

Or as I like to call it “Adulting”!!! Making sure my money is right is a constant struggle especially as a student!!! With all of my living expenses, paying for my education and personal pursuits; if I am not careful, money woes can occur quickly. I try my best to nip that in the bud by…

    1.   Doing a weekly “Money Matters” chart! It’s the time of week where I review my agenda (usually on pay day) to see what bills are due for that week. I then pay those bills and set aside money that I need for transportation and food for the upcoming week. Whatever is left over is for savings or fun. Doing this chart helps me to stay on top of my bills and avoid pesky late fees.   

       2.   Staying on top of your purchases!!! Now I am not going to lie this one is hard for me, I have a bad habit of using my debit card and not checking my statements. But I am trying to get better at monitoring my spending. Using cash rather than debit has been helping me to do that. It’s weird but have the cash in my wallet helps me to be less weak handed with my purchases.

   3.  Saving, saving, saving, wahhh! This year I have been trying to find more ways to save my money and secure my bag. But with so many expenses as a student it can be very difficult. However, I have been starting out small and saving $20 a week in addition to other traditional saving systems implemented through my bank and retirement plans.


When life gets hectic the one thing that we often neglect is ourselves which ultimately effects our mind, body and soul!!! Making sure that you make time for yourself can improve your longevity and make you overall a happier and healthier person. Call me selfish but no matter what is going on in my life I “ALWAYS” make time for myself in little ways each day, I do this by…

1.    Being more selective with my time! When I was younger I often did things that didn’t interest me almost all the time. Now that I am at little older I still struggle with saying “NO” to certain people but I have gotten way better. I attribute that to being choosier with the events that I decide on attending and how I spend my down time. Also every morning I ask myself, What am I going to do today, that is going to make “ME” happy?
It can be something simple like taking an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning for myself or taking a break to listen to music or play a game when I should be studying!!!

2.   For most Sunday is Sunday but for me Sunday is Funday! It is the one day of the week were I fully indulge myself. It is my at home spa day, I like to wash and style my hair, give myself a manicure & pedicure, do a face mask and just take life as it comes. During this time I also like to reflect on the week that just past. Afterwards, I not only feel invigorated but I feel that I can take on whatever challenges the week ahead of me brings.

3.  Embracing my feelings is something else that I do for self-care. Allowing myself to feel helps me to know myself better. Acknowledging when I am feeling happy, excited, frustrated, overwhelmed and everything in between helps me to grow as a person.

Social Life…

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to go out and stay active on the social scene. Personally going out with friends and meeting new people is something that I look forward too. However, lately I have been trying to diversify my social life to being more enriching rather than going to the latest hot spot that NYC has to offer. 

1.   Last December I attended my 1st opera, La Bohème, it was one of the most enchanting experiences I have ever experienced. The performance really delighted my senses and surprisingly left me feeling relaxed. If you are looking for a different experience I highly suggest a day or night at the opera. If you are in the New York area The Met offers deals on tickets as low as $25 daily through,

2.   As I mentioned before I am being more selective with my time and therefore I have been tailoring the events that I go to base on things the really interested me. Meetup has been my go to app these days to find events that satisfies things that I am really interested in and I get to meet new people with similar interest.

3.   Multitasking events are also a great way to get the most out of an evening out with friends. For example going ice skating or a paint sip class are both good ways to catch up and have fun.

I hope that these tips help and Happy Studying!!!  

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