About Me

Hi, I am Katarina Devaux, an adventurous New Yorker always on the prowl for a good deal, a good time and a fabulous outfit. Meeting new people and experiencing new things empowers me, I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures all while looking chic and being true to myself.

Growing up I have always been heavier than my peers and I had to learn to find acceptance in myself, today I would say that I am a confident person but I am always looking towards the future and ways that I can further improve myself.

I am easy going, fun-loving and a true clown at heart, a day does not go by without me joking around or laughing. I live by the following motto…

The best way to succeed in life is to follow other people’s rules while secretly following your own!

I hope that Katskoolooks inspires you be better versions of yourself whether that’s through fashion, travel or just simply being you!!!

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